Money Talks


Gamers Tony Ricci and Andy Iskoe weighed in on opposite sides of some big AFC experience in Round 1 of These Leroy’s Money Talks match Friday Evening.

Ricci, a Vancouver, British Columbia, unique club proprietor who won $303,000 because the vegas Hilton SuperContest champion this past year, and Sin City handicapper Iskoe built seven rated collections contrary to the Leroy’s line, including $100 to $700, plus the vig SBOBET Asia.

The player with the main ball subsequent to a weekend’s games will advance to the second round, along with prior qualifiers Bryan Leonard, Marc Lawrence and also quicker Adam.

Iskoe utilised Baltimore and 2 1/2 more than sandiego because his 770 bet, whilst Ricci chose the favored Chargers for $660.

Ricci’s $770 stake was San Jose State and 2 1/2, whilst Iskoe utilized the Washington Redskins and 2 1/2 for $660.

Riccis other selections were Chiefs minus 7 ($550), Chiefs beneath 40 1/2 ($440), Panthers minus 7 ($330), Nebraska minus 23 ($220) and Cowboys minus 9 1/2 ($110).

The choices had been revealed on a Friday Evening tv program aired from the Silverton Resort and Casino using Jimmy Vaccaro, John Kelly along with Arne Lang co-hosting.

Sixteen invitees put up $5,000 each to contend.

Leroy’s functions over Sixty Nevada bet shops and patrons three additional important Las Vegas football contests

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